The CHIFA Powerpoint is now available in 7 languages!

7 October, 2016

We are very pleased to announce that the CHIFA Powerpoint presentation (which explains CHIFA's vision and activities, its breadth of membership, and reasons to join), is now available in Indonesian, Arabic, French, Spanish, Serbian, Hausa! (Nigeria) and Dutch. Our thanks to: Jum'atil Fajar, Abdel-Moneim Minshawi, Martin Yakum, Mirjana Radovanovic, Hafsat Rufai Ahmad, and Wout Devlies (who are all CHIFA Country Representatives), as well as Raul Mercer and Gonca Yilmaz (who are both CHIFA Working Group members).

CHIFA Country Representatives, CHIFA Working Group members, and other CHIFA members can use these CHIFA Powerpoints to give presentations about CHIFA at meetings and conferences. Having the CHIFA Powerpoint in as many languages as possible will therefore really help us to spread awareness about CHIFA to a wider audience and recruit a larger number and diversity of CHIFA members.  

You can access these Powerpoint presentations, as well as the English language version, at:

If you would be interested in translating the Powerpoint into any other languages, or if you would be interested in becoming a CHIFA Country Representative, please email Abigail Enoch, CHIFA Desk Officer.