Steering Group

The Main HIFA Steering Group is an informal group of HIFA volunteers who provide technical guidance on the implementation of HIFA activities. The group meets every 3 months and holds an annual Strategy Day meeting. The members represent the range of stakeholders in the global healthcare information system and are often drawn from key supporting organisations and collaborating partners, with decisions taken democratically. The group may delegate major tasks to Working Groups (eg Project Working Groups, Social Media Working Group) with a similar constitution.

The HIFA Steering Group is supported by the HIFA Advisory Group: Ibrahima Bob (British Embassy, Senegal), Jackie Cheeseborough (Partnerships in Health Information), Patricia Cholewka (City University, New York), Catherine Coleman (Health Communication Core, USA), Darlena David (Independent), John Eyers (rtd London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), Erica Frank (Health Sciences Online), Eric Friedman (O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, USA), Meenakshi Gautham (Independent), Maryvonne Grisetti (rtd WHO), Robert Hughes (DFID), Sue Jacob (Independent), Yunkap Kwankam (former Coordinator of eHealth, WHO), Mona Nasser (Cochrane Collaboration), Daniel Ncayiyana (Benguela Health (Pty) Ltd, South Africa), Caroline Nyamai Kisia (Action Africa Help International, Kenya), Ayo Onatola (Independent), Tikki Pang (National University of Singapore), Geoff Royston (Independent), John Sandars (University of Leeds, UK), Abi Smith (Medsin), Mark Storey (Independent), Veronique Thouvenot (Independent), Peter Tugwell (University of Ottawa),  Regina Ungerer (Fiocruz), Bill Ward (South Florida College of Public Health).

Name Organisation Countrysort descending
Tara Ballav Adhikari
  • HIFA Facebook Coordinator
Aarhus University, Denmark Denmark
Poorvaprabha Patil
Kasturba Medical College India
Najeeb Al-Shorbaji
  • Independent
Former Director, World Health Organization Jordan
Frederick Bukachi
  • Global Healthcare Information Network
HIFA co-founder, Global Healthcare Information Network Kenya
Grace Ajuwon
Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa Nigeria
Joseph Ana
  • Africa Centre for Clinical Governance Research and Patient Safety
Africa Centre for Clinical Governance Research and Patient Safety Nigeria
Alberto Fernández Ajuria
Escuela Andaluza de Salud Publica Spain
Ian Roberts
World Health Organization Switzerland
Julie Storr
  • World Health Organization
  • HIFA Social Media Coordinator
World Health Organization (Consultant) Switzerland
Isabelle Wachsmuth-Huguet
World Health Organization Switzerland
Arthy Hartwell
British Medical Association United Kingdom
Liz Grant
Global Health Academy at the University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
Chris Zielinski
Partnerships in Health Information, University of Winchester United Kingdom
Tracy Eastman
BMJ Publishing Group, Practical Approach to Care Kit United Kingdom
Martin Carroll
  • Independent
  • HIFA Blogger
Former Head, International Department, British Medical Association United Kingdom
Geoff Royston
Independent United Kingdom
Tony Waterston
International Society for Social Paediatrics and Child Health United Kingdom
Jesslyn Thay
CAB International United Kingdom
Ashley McKimm
BMJ United Kingdom
Sarah Cavanagh
  • East Anglia Medicines Information Service
East Anglia Medicines Information Service, NHS United Kingdom
Jonathan Parker
  • HIFA publicity and fundraising
Global Healthcare Information Network United Kingdom
Julie N Reza
Independent United Kingdom
Rachel Stancliffe
  • Global Healthcare Information Network
HIFA co-founder, Global Healthcare Information Network United Kingdom
Neil Pakenham-Walsh
  • HIFA Coordinator
HIFA co-founder, Global Healthcare Information Network United Kingdom
Arjun Thandi
Independent United Kingdom
Karah Pedersen
IntraHealth International United States
Eliane Pereira dos Santos
Pan-American Health Organization (WHO/PAHO) United States
Onikepe Oluwadamilola Owolabi
Guttmacher Institute United States