HIFA welcomes Enock Musungwini as HIFA Global Coordinator for Supporting Organisations

6 March, 2024

HIFA is delighted to welcome Enock Musungwini as HIFA Global Coordinator for Supporting Organisations.

Enock Musungwini is a distinguished public health professional, health management consultant, and development practitioner currently serving as a Programme Manager (Consultant) for an NGO called Pangaea Zimbabwe under the Wild4Life Health program. Enock joined HIFA in 2018 and is a longstanding HIFA Country Representative for Zimbabwe. He won the global CR of the Year award in 2022. For further info see his profile on the HIFA website

HIFA now has more than 400 supporting organisations worldwide committed to the HIFA vision of a world where every person has access to the reliable healthcare information they need to protect their own health and the health of others. Enock will be leading efforts to explore how SOs can support HIFA, and vice versa, with the main HIFA Steering Group and the Partnerships and Projects working group