Tracy Eastman

BMJ Publishing Group, Practical Approach to Care Kit

Tracy Eastman is a medical doctor and health manager, trained at the University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa (SA).  She worked in general and rural clinical practice in SA, Canada and the UK (1992-97), as a health manager responsible for Maternal & Neonatal service delivery in the Western Cape, SA (1998-2000),  implementing Health IT systems in hospitals in SA (2001-2004) and the UK (2005-2010),  was Director of the BMJ Evidence Centre (2012-2014) and led the BMJ /UCT Knowledge Translation Unit (KTU) global health partnership (2015-2020) implementing “PACK” (Practical Approach to Care Kit), a primary health care strengthening programme, working with colleagues in SA, Brazil, Nigeria and Ethiopia.  Professional interests: Primary care, Public health, Global health, Health service management, Health IT, Health Knowledge management.  Collaboration and partnership to enable and improve health services for the most needy in LMIC communities.

Working group membership(s):
HIFA-WHO Global Consultation 2023