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1 May, 2020

Quote of the month: “The cancer of misinformation continues to spread and metastasize... It is a pervasive and growing threat to global health, driven by increased connectivity and social media. It is not just coronavirus, it is a problem across all areas of health” (HIFA coordinator Neil Pakenham-Walsh, UK)

“Antibiotics are effective in treating the new coronavirus”. “Herbal remedies and other drugs can help treat the new virus”. “New coronavirus only affects older people”.

Evidence-Based Medicine Center of Lanzhou University

'Evidence-Based Medicine Center of Lanzhou University, China, carries out evidence-based medical research, teaching, training, practice, discipline construction, team building, personnel training, and social services. It offers such courses as "Evidence-Based Medicine" and "Medical Information Retrieval and Utilization" for postgraduates and undergraduates majoring in medicine or related majors.'


13 April, 2020

Coronavirus has highlighted as never before how being online is crucial to our lives. Those who most need support (including older and socially disadvantaged people) are least likely to be online. Community organisations, including libraries, have a crucial role in building digital inclusion and digital health literacy.

11 March, 2020

Quote of the month: "Since we didn't know at the time that a particular sneeze in Wuhan can have a serious impact in Ouagadougou or London, there is probably a good operational argument for not making a distinction between "public health" and "global health" at all” (HIFA steering group member Chris Zielinski, UK)


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