UK-East African Healthcare Summit, 22 April 2017, BMA, London

23 April, 2017

HIFA was delighted to present at the UK-East African Healthcare Summit, 22 April 2017, British Medical Association, London.

The summit brought together large delegations of government officials, diaspora members, policymakers, education, research and development institutions, senior hospital directors & CEOs. Dignitaries included the Honorable Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, Minister of Health for Uganda and many others from the region.

Delegates spoke of the 'inequality of knowledge' and the need for co-development and South-South learning. HIFA Coordinator Neil Pakenham-Walsh described the continuing growth of HIFA and why it is needed now more than ever. He paid tribute to the growing number (>200) HIFA Country Representatives and HIFA's 10 Project Working Groups. He thanked the BMA and 280 other health and development organisations worldwide for their continuing support. And he invited all delegates to join HIFA so that we can further strengthen our membership in East Africa (current membership: Kenya 315, Tanzania 143, Uganda 364, Rwanda 52, Burundi 6). The more we are, the more we can collaborate to empower citizens, health professionals and policymakers with the information they need to protect their own health and the health of others.

We send our thanks and congratulations to HIFA member Dr Moses Mulimira (Oxford University; Co-Founder, Uganda Diaspora Health Foundation) and his team for organising this special and highly successful conference. Thank you to all partners including the BMA, BMJ, Uganda UK Health Alliance, Global Health Exchange, and mPowering Frontline Health Workers (among others).

 A report will be circulated on HIFA when available.