Combating digital health inequality in the time of coronavirus

12 June, 2020

In April 2020 HIFA collaborated with the International Federation of Library Associations (special interest group Evidence for Global and Disaster Health and the Health & Biosciences Libraries section) to complement a webinar on Thursday 23 April, 2020, on the theme of Combating digital health inequality in the time of coronavirus. In the 2 weeks leading up to the webinar, HIFA hosted a thematic discussion on the theme of the webinar. 

We now have the initial ouptuts from the discussion, with thanks to HIFA volunteers Dr Karishma Krishna Kurup, National Centre for Disease Control, India and Stuti Chakraborty, Christian Medical College Vellore, India.

1. Full compilation
2. Long edit (includes profiles of contributors, citations)
3. Short edit (highlights)

Thanks to Bob Gann (presenter), Emma Farrow and colleagues the webinar can be reviewed here, together with slide deck, transcript, list of resources, and Q&A:

Note: If *your* organisation is planning a webinar, do consider sponsoring a discussion on HIFA in the run-up to the event. Pre-webinar discussions are highly complementary to events, and allow rich and diverse opportunities for engagement.

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