'Would You Like to Live to a 'Ripe Old Age'?'

6 September, 2022

I loved this Commentary, Read it courtesy of MEDSCAPE, even though you may not agree with all the advice:

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Would You Like to Live to a 'Ripe OldAge'?

George D. Lundberg, MD                                       August 31, 2022

How to live to a ripe old age:

- Choose ancestors that do/did not die of natural causes in young adulthood or middle age (sorry, too late to choose);

- Never, ever inhale tobacco smoke life-long;

- Maintain a body mass index within a "healthy range" using a variety of tools;

- Maintain a blood pressure within a "healthy range" with or without medications; and

- Maintain a low resting heart rate,

and you will likely live to a ripe old age. Those actions alone may suffice.

We all die. Dust to dust. Just a matter of why, when, and how.

As a journalist, husband, father, and grandfather, I probably care most about quality of life. As a physician and forensic pathologist, I care a lot about length of life and quality of death.

We can each control a lot about our quality of life and both our length of life and parameters of dying, by our volitional actions.

Here are some details along the way that could help (on average) us to "ripen" slowly and nicely and may be decisive (with many individuals and situations). [...]


·        Do not retire.

·        If you must retire from working full-time, work part-time or atvolunteer jobs.

·        Be sure you have productive and fulfilling reasons to get out ofbed each morning.


If you are older and you don't hurt somewhere when you get up in the morning, you may already be dead. Check your pulse.

Caveat: I have not figured out how to not "over-ripen." Biology probably decides.


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