Webinar: Factors Influencing Provider Behavior

28 January, 2022

What Are We Missing? Expanding Understanding of Factors Influencing Healthcare Provider Behavior

February 10, 2022

8 AM Washington / 1 PM (GMT) Accra / 2 PM Abuja / 3 PM Lusaka / 4 PM Addis / 6:30 PM Delhi

Duration: 90 minutes

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The behavior of healthcare providers is directly linked to the quality of care and has the power to influence client actions and health outcomes. Thus, it is critical to understand what factors influence provider behavior and what can be done to encourage and support behaviors that improve the quality of care.

Breakthrough ACTION has developed practical programming tools such as the Provider Behavior Ecosystem Map, to help users understand the factors influencing facility-based provider behavior and, ultimately, support positive provider behavior. These programmatic tools lay out a process for identifying and prioritizing the most influential determinants of provider behavior in a given context and designing activities to address those factors.

During this webinar, speakers will underscore the importance of more fully understanding provider behavior and share this exciting suite of new tools for use in the design, implementation, and evaluation of more supportive and impactful provider engagement initiatives. They will also share examples of how these tools have been applied in different countries and contexts. The webinar will help program designers and implementers understand and apply these tools to their own work and flag upcoming opportunities to learn more about tools during regional workshops.

The webinar will be offered in English with simultaneous interpretation into French.

REGISTER: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/expanding-understanding-of-factors-influenc...

HIFA profile: Marcela Aguilar is Director of Communications at Breakthrough ACTION, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Washington DC. www.breakthroughactionandresearch.org marcela.aguilar AT jhu.edu