Updated HIFA Strategy 2022-2024: Strategic shift: Convene stakeholders for a Global Action Plan on Universal Access to Reliable Healthcare Information (3)

22 July, 2022

Dear All

I would like to suggest that HIFA organizes a virtual conference where we can ask for sponsorships from pharma companies and NGOs from all over the world.

My experience of organizing numerous conferences has taught me that that this is a significant means to generate revenues and move towards financial sustainability


Dr. Zaki

Developing Innovative Solutions in Healthcare

Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed

CEO, Digital Care

Project Director,

Riphah Institute of Healthcare Improvement & Safety, RIU

Founder & Executive Coach,

Institute of Innovation Leadership in Medicine(IiIM)

Digital Health. Patient Safety. Research. Leadership

President, HQSAP

V. Chairman, OPEN Karachi

Country Representative, HIFA

Project Consultant, RAH@H, KSU

Secretary, Health Research Advisory Board

Chairman, International Conference on Patient Safety

Adjunct Professor, Digital Health, Health Services Academy


mobile: +92 300 8222298


HIFA profile: Zakiuddin Ahmed is chief executive officer of eHealth Services, Karachi, Pakistan. He has been working in the field of Telemedicine for the last 9 years with the belief and passion that TM is the perfect solution to the healthcare problems of the developing world especially Pakistan. He started creating awareness of TM in Pakistan and has organized many seminars & events along with giving presentations at all medical institutions and conferences. He started the first Hub and Spoke TM model and has been successfully running it for the last 3 years with 7 spokes now. He is now replicating this model all over Pakistan. He is the first Pakistani member of ATA, HIMSS, ATSP and ISfT. zakiuddinahmed AT gmail.com