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LGBTI Happiness Study

16 May, 2019

Please pass on to your LGBTQI networks. It sounds like an important study.


As discussed this morning, we would be really grateful if you could share the link of the LGBTI Happiness study with your network.

If some countries like Brazil, Turkey or Russia are well represented, Africa really needs more push. It looks like we have not yet reached the LGBTI community. It is important for participants to note that the survey is completely anonymous and answered through a secure internet link.

We need your support for sharing the link among the LGBTI communities, including with PEPFAR countries, through websites, Facebook pages, WhatsApp or Telegram Groups.

Here is the broadcast message in the three main languages that could be useful for Africa. The invitation message and the link in 18 languages is also attached

Broadcast message :

The LGBT Foundation and UNAIDS partnered for this quick survey on LGBTI happiness, sex and quality of life. Be heard. Participating helps make a difference for our community. https://www.research.net/r/LGBTHappinessResearch

La Fondation LGBT et l’ONUSIDA s’associent pour cette étude rapide sur le bonheur, le sexe et la qualité de vie des LGBTI. Faites-vous entendre. Votre participation aide à faire la différence pour notre communauté https://www.research.net/r/LGBTHappinessResearch?lang=fr

A LGBT Foundation e ONUSIDA fizeram uma parceria para essa rápida pesquisa sobre felicidade, sexo e qualidade de vida na comunidade LGBTI. Seja ouvido! Participar ajuda a fazer a diferença em nossa comunidade https://www.research.net/r/LGBTHappinessResearch?lang=pt_BR

More resources :

Description of the study: https://lgbt-token.org/research_information_note_lgbt_hapiness_study/

Launch press release: https://lgbt-token.org/lgbt_happiness_study_launch/

Many thanks in advance


Erik Lamontagne | Senior Economist | Office of the Director | Strategic Information and Evaluation | UNAIDS | Geneva | Switzerland

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