Introduction: Mehwish Syed, Canada

30 August, 2023

Hello HIFA members,

My name is Mehwish Syed, and I'm going into my fourth year of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa. I am honored to be a part of HIFA because of its important mission and impact. HIFA is a worldwide health effort that works relentlessly to save lives and alleviate suffering by improving access to and utilization of reliable healthcare information. As I embark on this journey with HIFA, I am extremely motivated by the opportunity to contribute to such an important cause and make a significant difference in the realm of global health. [*see note below]

HIFA profile: Mehwish Syed is a Student at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Interests: Global health, humanitarianism, equity and inclusion, women's health, lifesaving and suffering reduction.

[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): Thank you Mehwish for your agreement in a separate message to help us publicise the HIFA global survey in Canada, which is our top priority now and until 30 September. If other HIFA members can help in other countries, please let me know: ]