Evidence Aid newsletter: May 2022

16 May, 2022

Evidence Aid: Championing evidence-based humanitarian action

Our May newsletter is now available here: https://evidenceaid.org/evidence-aid-newsletter-16-may-2022/ It contains an advertisement for a senior researcher, up to date information on the latest evidence summaries added to our evidence collections (see below), together with what else we've been up to and a request for you to tell us how you use our resources.

Our evidence collections contain free to view summaries (translated into multiple languages) of published systematic reviews relevant to a specific area of interest relevant to the humanitarian sector. All our collections can be found here: https://evidenceaid.org/evidence/. The collections cover topics such as Health of Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Resilient Health Systems, Earthquakes, Covid-19, Humanitarian Impact of Climate Change, Treatment and Prevention of Malnutrition etc.

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Claire Allen, Operations Manager

Evidence Aid: Championing evidence-based humanitarian action.

Please note that my regular working days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Please do not expect a response outside of those days.

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Email: callen@evidenceaid.org | Skype: claireallencochrane | Website: www.evidenceaid.org | Twitter: @EvidenceAid | Facebook/Instagram: EvidenceAid

Our evidence collections can be found here: https://evidenceaid.org/evidence/

HIFA profile: Claire Allen is Operations Manager at Evidence Aid, UK. Professional interests: Evidence Aid (www.evidenceaid.org) provides evidence for people in disaster preparedness and response to make better decisions. Areas of interest = humanitarian crises, natural disasters and major healthcare emergencies (disaster = when a country is unable to cope with the disaster/crisis or emergency). She is a member of the HIFA Working Group on Access to Health Research. http://www.hifa.org/working-groups/access-health-research Email: callen AT evidenceaid.org