Coronavirus (1467) IPCRG iQ&A update: addressing current issues in COVID and beyond

8 July, 2022

The IPCRG iQ&A <> service continues to respond to the highest respiratory priority primary care questions from the COVID pandemic and is now also looking at other key issues. Our most recent answers include whether there is an algorithm to diagnose Chronic Cough as listed below.

A large library of 42 answers is being constantly updated to reflect the changing priorities and to provide information for use in practice. We would encourage you to share this resource with your colleagues, as it continues to be relevant, and our most recent answers directly address current issues.

The IPCRG Sentinel Network <>, continues to report their questions and concerns. Applications to join the IPCRG Sentinel Network <> are welcomed from front line health care professionals working in primary care.

Our most recent published answers are:

- What is the variation in symptoms for different variants of SARS-CoV-2, why do we see this variation and are there predictors for acute disease severity?


- Is there an algorithm for diagnosing chronic cough in children?


- Is there an algorithm for diagnosing chronic cough in adults?


- What does the evidence suggest will happen with COVID-19 as we move out of the pandemic?

- What is known about immunity beyond 6 months following COVID-19 vaccination (2 doses) and first booster dose, and does the evidence suggest that any specific groups would benefit from an additional booster dose?


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