Communicating health research (17) Check out these resources around communicating effectively with policy makers

6 September, 2022 [1] [2]

HIFA profile: Chikezie Nwankwor is a Lecturer at the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, in Nigeria. Professional interests: Networking & Mentoring. Email address:

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[1] Communications: How to communicate effectively to policy makers

How to communicate effectively to policy makers - A guide for Academics

Introduction: The difficulty of communicating complex knowledge to policy makers has generated a substantial literature. Ironically despite this wealth of literature the evidence on what works in communicating scientific findings is mixed[1] although there is a growing consensus that the starting point should always be your audience(s). This may seem obvious but understanding how policy makers’ process evidence and the context in which they operate is key [2]. Policy makers often have too much information to digest so will use heuristics to filter information and make decisions quickly. So ask yourself how can I help policy makers process what it is I want to say? What should my communication strategy be? What format should I communicate in and when should I communicate? Finding the right time to communicate can also effect whether you have a receptive audience or not...

Increase your visibility...

The way you present or frame your evidence can have a fundamental effect on how it is understood and whether it’s taken up by policy makers... Using stories or tailoring your message can help with framing your evidence...

[2] Bringing Policymakers to Science Through Communication: A Perspective From Latin America

This perspective article aims at providing some recommendations to build bridges between science and decision-making parties through communication, by exploring how Latin American diplomats and policymakers engage with scientific knowledge...]