Rural Doctors’ Association of Southern Africa (RuDASA)

Organisation type: 
Professional association
Support type: 
SO non-financial
RuDASA aims to inspire health workers to work in rural areas, and support and empower those committed to making health care available to all South Africans. The Rural Doctors Association of Southern Africa is a membership-based organization actively working towards better health care in rural areas. RuDASA strives for the adequate staffing of rural health facilities by appropriately skilled medical staff; and to be a voice for rural doctors regarding training and working conditions. RuDASA as a network provides an opportunity for members to connect, share concerns, challenges, good practices and innovative ideas, through a variety of forums. Members can share ideas and request assistance from others. Provincial representatives are in place to ensure that RuDASA members can provide insight into the situation at their facility and present RuDASA with information that can be used in advocacy efforts. RuDASA is involved in a number of initiatives to lobby for and address the needs of rural doctors. RuDASA has also taken on a prominent advocacy role in terms of pushing for improved health in rural areas in general, as well as addressing specific topics, such as the availability of posts in rural hospitals and drug shortages. RuDASA aims to be a resource of rural expertise to the South African Government and other stakeholders. From time to time RuDASA has issued open letters and press statements, often with partner organizations, to create awareness of the plight, challenges and successes of rural doctors and other health professionals.