Kaicombey Foundation for Sustainable Development (Sierra Leone)

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The Kaicombey Foundation For Sustainable Development hereinafter known as THE KAICOMBEY FOUNDATION is a not for profit, and non-partisan, Non Governmental Organization that was established to create a positive impact on social justice, poverty and its underlying causes, and the social inclusion of children and women. The Kaicombey Foundation strives to fight against and reduces child and maternal mortality rates through the provision of free and affordable medical facilities, provision of public health education and training in postwar Sierra Leone. Reproductive healthcare is key to the values, norms and as fundamental rights of the people. The foundation is committed to community empowerment by providing resources and linking communities to donors. The Kaicombey foundation believes in direct community assistance through community driven programs so that the people and community can gain ownership over the projects / resources and will contribute towards the sustainability and social inclusion within their own communities. Social and economic justice is our guiding principle within our project deliverables. We use human rights advocacy and awareness raising in order to influence policy makers to respond to issues that affect the civil society, the underprivileged. Our rights to healthcare is a fundamental principle of human rights. Click READ in order to know more about how we effect thiese rights.