Shabina Hussain

U.S. Congress

Dr. Hussain is a public health consultant and a strategic technical analyst in global health. She has extensive experience in health care quality assessment and health plan development. She began her professional career as a family medicine physician in the developing world. She has served as a member scientific advisory board of the international journal of medicine and also as a reviewer for the American Association of Public Health. She has managed and led public health teams focused on improving access to health care in Florida and Washington state. She also served as the Associate Medical Director for Venture Strategies Health and Development. She has extensive experience in managing programs that improve maternal and child health, nutrition, family planning and reproductive health. Her technical skills include strategic planning, community health program development and evaluation, quality analysis and improvement (QA/QI), health data monitoring and analysis. She reaches out to develop partnerships with diverse stakeholders. The unique experiences of Dr. Hussain include her work in the LMIC and the developed world; the diverse set of experiences and cultural sensitivity. Her other interests include working for humanitarian causes, such as improving the quality of life of women and children and creating a safe world for all.