Nick Talley

Asia Pacific Association of Medical Journal Editors

Laureate Prof. Talley AC, MD, PhD at University of Newcastle is an NHMRC Leadership Fellow and Director,  CRE in Digestive Health. He is the current President of the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Journal Editors, and is a part time Senior Staff Specialist in Gastroenterology at John Hunter Hospital. Nick Talley is a neurogastroenterologist who is considered a preeminent international authority. Nick research interest and expertise includes the pathophysiology of neurogastrointestinal disorders (microbiome, biomarkers, genetics, pathology) and therapeutics (new drugs). Nick has an outstanding academic track record. He is among the most highly cited researchers in medicine in Australia with more than 136,000 citations and over 1000 publications in high impact peer-reviewed journals. His recent work has focussed on the microbiome, low-grade inflammation and unexplained GI disorders.

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