WHO & HIFA: Enhancing the quality of health services across the health system

17 February, 2022

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WHO-GLL and HIFA have published the outputs of an in-depth discussion on the HIFA forums: Enhancing the Quality of Health Services Across Levels of the Health System.

  • What might work best to enhance national commitment to quality of care? 
  • What are the biggest challenges for district health managers in tackling quality of care issues? 
  • What are the biggest challenges for improving quality of care at the facility level? 
  • Have you seen any practical solutions that should be shared more widely?

There was a rich and diverse discussion with more than 300 substantive messages exchanged among HIFA members worldwide. These have been synthesised into four publications on the WHO and HIFA websites:

1. WHO-GLL/HIFA Action Brief 1. Enhancing quality at the national level
2. WHO-GLL/HIFA Action Brief 2. Enhancing quality at the district level
3. WHO-GLL/HIFA Action Brief 3. Enhancing quality at the facility level
4. WHO-GLL/HIFA Integrated Brief: Enhancing the quality of health services across levels of the health system
Full compilation (all messages in full)
Edited version (content edited and structured under subheadings)
Quality health services: a planning guide (2020)
WHO Fact Sheet on Quality Health Services (2020)

For further information and to discuss opportunities for collaboration, contact Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Global Coordinator