Join HIFA for a global discussion on Evidence-Informed Humanitarian Action! Starts 16 October 2017

9 October, 2017

Join HIFA!

Join HIFA for a global discussion on Evidence-Informed Humanitarian Action! HIFA is collaborating with Evidence Aid to promote evidence-informed humanitarian action in the run-up to Humanitarian Evidence Week. The discussion is planned and implemented by the HIFA Project on Library and Information Services (with special focus on Population Health, Disasters, and Disease Outbreaks) with support from Public Health England (an executive agency of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom).

The HIFA discussion will run from 16 October to 12 November. We aim to bring humanitarians together with library and information professionals to explore ways to improve the quality, usefulness, availability and use of healthcare information for humanitarian action. The discussion will explore the diverse information needs in different geographical areas and humanitarian contexts (eg earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, drought, disease outbreaks, conflict). We shall look at the role of systematic reviews, international and national guidelines, policy briefs, manuals (such as the Sphere Handbook) among others. 

Here are some of the themes/questions we shall explore:

  1. What do we mean by evidence-informed humanitarian action (preparedness and response)?
  2. What kind of evidence do humanitarians need, and why?
  3. Call for examples and case studies: Where has evidence been lacking and what has been the result?
  4. Call for examples and case studies: Where has evidence made a difference?
  5. How can humanitarians access and use evidence more effectively?
  6. How can humanitarians and information professionals work together more effectively?

What is Humanitarian Evidence Week?

Humanitarian Evidence Week (6-12 November 2017) is an initiative led by Evidence Aid to promote projects, initiatives, research, products and views related to the generation, use or dissemination of evidence in support of humanitarian action. More than 30 organisations are involved this year, including the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicines, Oxfam, and Save the Children. Read more here 

Also... Webinar: HIFA and National Library of Medicine, 9th November 2017

HIFA is also presenting a webinar in collaboration with the US National Library of Medicine. Details will be available here shortly.

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#HEW2017 - Over 20 organisations showcasing their commitment to #HumanitarianEvidence - 6 to 12 Nov - Visit - #humanitarian

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