HIFA Annual Review 2022

7 June, 2023

In 2022 Global Healthcare Information Network (the non-profit that administers HIFA) was admitted as a non-State actor in official relations with the World Health Organization. This means HIFA and WHO are now working together in support of WHO's constitutional mandate to extend to all people the benefits of reliable healthcare information (WHO Constitution 1948). Our first task in 2023 is a global stakeholder consultation on universal access to reliable healthcare information

Other highlights include:

  • Publication of thematic analysis on COVID-19 infodemic in JMIR Infodemiology journal
  • Developing a network of networks with 50 other communities of practice in global health
  • Three new projects supported by Norwegian Research Council and TDR/WHO
  • Continued growth: 444 organisations now officially support the HIFA vision.

For further information please contact Neil Pakenham-Walsh, global coordinator: neil@hifa.org

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