CHIFA (child health and rights) is seeking a new Assistant Moderator

29 October, 2016

Job title: Assistant Moderator for CHIFA Discussion Forum

Type of role: Voluntary (unpaid)

Start date: Monday 5th December

Finish date: Flexible

Place of work: Home-based

Job summary: The Assistant Moderator will help to moderate the CHIFA Discussion Forum by carrying out the Reader-Focused Moderation process for all messages sent in to the Forum over a period of time at regular intervals (e.g. for 1 week every 3 weeks; the exact schedule will be determined based on coordination between the Lead Moderator, the new Assistant Moderator and any other Assistant Moderators). 

Reader-Focused Moderation is the process by which messages that are sent in to CHIFA by CHIFA members are then sent on to the CHIFA Discussion Forum. Reader-Focused Moderation involves strategically deciding which messages are appropriate to send on to the Forum; formatting messages; communicating with message senders for amending messages and clearing up discrepancies or other issues; and sending out own messages based on e.g. journal articles or news stories of relevance to CHIFA.

Messages can be sent in at any time, and CHIFA aims to send on messages to the Forum within a few hours of the message being sent in, so it is important that the Assistant Moderator has regular access to the internet during their shifts, and is reliable and consistent in checking for messages and carrying out the Reader-Focused Moderation.

The post holder will receive thorough training in Reader-Focused Moderation, through online training tools such as Powerpoint presentations and Skype, before starting moderating.

The Assistant Moderator will be a member of the CHIFA Working Group. They will work within a supportive environment and contribute to a wider team.

Person specification
• Have exposure to and understanding of health and development related issues in global child health and child rights
• Demonstrate excellent written English
• Exhibit high level of competence in web-based communication (e.g. through tools such as Skype and webinars) and an ability to effectively search for information online using health terminology
• Have experience collaborating effectively within a team
• Display excellent communication skills
• Possess an ability to problem solve and take initiative
• Be motivated and committed to supporting CHIFA’s vision

Please apply by the end of Sunday 13th of November by emailing a brief cover letter and CV to