WHO Patient Safety Charter and 75th anniversary of declaration of human rights

9 November, 2023

I have recently been honoured to work with the WHO Patient Safety team Patient safety Charter working group.

The WHO Patient Safety team has nearly completed its first draft of the Patient Safety Rights Charter. This Charter will contain some patient and family guides to enactment of the rights and patient responsibilities as well as clearly defined patient rights.

The WHO plans to publish the first WHO Patient Safety Charter on December 10th 2023 - the 75th anniversary of the Declarstion of Hunan Rights.

The rights will include the right to information, right to patient access to their records and Right to ownership of their records.

HIFA profile: Richard Fitton is a retired family doctor - GP. Professional interests: Health literacy, patient partnership of trust and implementation of healthcare with professionals, family and public involvement in the prevention of modern lifestyle diseases, patients using access to professional records to overcome confidentiality barriers to care, patients as part of the policing of the use of their patient data. Email address: richardpeterfitton7 AT gmail.com