Webinar: Measuring & Enhancing Compassion in Global Health - September 27, 2022 - Register Today!

10 September, 2022

Join us as we discuss how to measure and enhance compassion to improve quality care at the individual, facility, community, and health system level.

Translating Science into Action: Measuring & Enhancing Compassion

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

11:00 am - 12:30 pm ET (UTC -4)

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Did you know that researchers are currently developing and implementing compassion measures in healthcare and public health settings?

This Global Health Compassion Rounds focuses on measuring and enhancing compassion - translating the innovative work of researchers into a discussion about real-world application. In global health, it is important that we are able to demonstrate the effectiveness of compassionate approaches to care, not only to cultivate compassion but evaluate our progress toward quality care and foster buy-in from leadership and staff.

Join us as we think about how compassion measures and other value-based metrics can aid in efforts to enhance compassionate care, and what future research is needed to meet the needs of the people working to do so - at the individual, facility, community, and health system level.

The perspectives of our panelists will reveal opportunities and barriers to measuring compassion and improved quality of care. The learnings from this webinar can guide others in global health as they consider how they might implement new or adapt current efforts to enhance compassion in their settings.

Our Panelists

Shane Sinclair, PhD

Professor & Director of the Compassion Research Lab-Advancing the Arts & Science of Compassion, University of Calgary

Ian Spillman, MD

Former Medical Superintendent, Kisiizi Hospital,

a community hospital in southern Uganda

Chintan Maru, MD

Managing Director of Global Development Incubator,

CEO & Founder of Leapfrog to Value


** What are Global Health Compassion Rounds?

The Rounds are a quarterly gathering of a global community to share experiences, challenge ideas, and spark thinking on compassion in global health. We explore the role of compassion in health systems, policy, programs, and service delivery. Each webinar centers on a specific theme that features insights and perspectives from practitioners in the field, subject matter experts, scholars, and contemplative thinkers. We invite you to join our growing community!

Hosted by the Focus Area for Compassion and Ethics (FACE) (https://taskforce.org/face/) at the Task Force for Global Health and the WHO (https://www.who.int/initiatives/who-global-learning-laboratory-for-quali...) Global Learning Laboratory (GLL) (https://www.who.int/servicedeliverysafety/areas/qhc/gll/en/index6.html) .


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