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Warning: Phishing email

9 February, 2024

Dearest Collegues

Hope you are fine

Warning! I received messages from a man who wrote to be Neil [*see note below]

Attention !!!

Take care !

Best wishes


HIFA profile: Livia Bellina is a Medical Doctor, Founder and President of MobileDiagnosis, a non-profit organisation in Italy. MobileDiagnosis, www.mobilediagnosis.net, is an Association aimed at sharing knowledge and providing diagnostic support to health workers worldwide, by using mobile phone technology. www.slideshare.net/livia_bellina/mobilediagnosis-2013-21779235

The Association also provides educational support and guidance on the use of mobile technology, mainly for resource limited and rural settings. The Association aimed at sharing knowledge and providing diagnostic support to health care workers worldwide. The technology uses mobile phones for the collation and dissemination of diagnostic images, whether from microscope or other optical bio-medical devices (otho-scope, entero-scope, etc.). Mobile Diagnosis association believes that mobile-phone technology can be a powerful educational tool for health workers in developing countries. The MobileDiagnosis Association is composed of a creative team of young professionals in web design, engineers, project specialists and other professionals. The team works to increase the visibility of MobileDiagnosis and to create opportunities for the development of new educational methods such as long distance training, learning, and to keep users up-to-date on diagnosis issues. Professional interests: Global health, Human Rights, M Education, PHC, Rural medicine, Community Medicine, Pathology, rural development, health care, mhealth, m-learning, education of rural health workers, logic clinic, tropical medicine, poverty medicine, medicine of migration, emargination and poverty, remote education, remote consultancy, education networking, general pathology. liviabellina AT gmail.com

[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): Thank you Livia. The original message included graphics that are not carried by HIFA. I have had reports from 4 people (including Livia) over the past 2 weeks that they have received an odd email with "Neil Pakenham-Walsh" in the Name field and "presidentluckboardcommittee@gmail.com" in the email address field. I have reported this and advise people to be cautious about any email that appears to be from me but which has an email address that is different from my usual address (neil@hifa.org). If you receive such an email, I would be grateful if you can inform me so that I can monitor the situation. Thank you]