Re: Summary for December 2 ; Book: Setting up Community Health and Development Programmes in Low and Middle Income Settings

3 December, 2021

Thanks Neil- very valuable resources as always.

I really appreciate the fabulous work of HIFA



Dr Ted Lankester<><>

Our book is recently published by Oxford University Press, 2019. 515 pages, 28 Chapters, 16 authors. Please consider obtaining one or telling others!

Available from OUP

Can be obtained as a book, an E- Book (Kindle) and as a free download

HIFA profile: Ted Lankester is Co-Leader of Arukah Network in the UK. Professional interests: Global health. Community based health care. Travel medicine etc

Medical author most recently Setting up community heath and development programmes in low and middle income settings OUP 520 pages 2019 with Nathan Grills and 16 co-authors. Email address: tedlankester AT