New publication: Practical Epidemiology: Using Epidemiology to Support Primary Health Care

27 November, 2021

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Dear colleagues

The grey-haired amongst you (like me) may recall a WHO handbook in the early 1990's entitled: Manual of Epidemiology for District Health Management written by Patrick Vaughan and Richard Morrow.

A new (open source) version has been published entitled: Practical Epidemiology: Using Epidemiology to Support Primary Health Care, this version written by Patrick Vaughan, Cesar Victora and Mushtaque Chowdury.

For those with an interest in applied epidemiology in primary health care and district health systems, this is for you.

Here is a link to the book (press on the open access button top right corner to get to the pdf).

Please circulate in your networks

Kind regards

Helen Schneider


School of Public Health

University of the Western Cape