Martin Mugambi Kobia - Community Health Worker, Kenya

16 March, 2024

Hello! everyone am delighted to be one of hifa team globally in advocating for healthy living. Am Martin Mugambi Kobia from Kenya in Meru county.

HIFA profile: Martin Mugambi Kobia is a Community health worker at the Ministry of Health, in Kenya. Professional interests: Nutrition. Email: mugambik2022 AT

[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): Welcome Martin. We are welcoming an increasing number of CHWs on HIFA and are keen to learn more from CHW experiences, especially about healthcare information and learning needs. You may like to check out the HIFA project on Community Health Workers. The mission of this group is to promote 'a world where every community health worker will have access to the information and knowledge they need to prevent illness and injury, to recognise serious illness, to provide basic care, and to seek timely help as needed'. The group has successfully delivered several projects since 2016, which you can read about on our website. The working group is currently on standby for new projects as soon as funding allows and you are welcome to join us in anticipation. ]