Introduction: Peter Pitibaye - HIFA Country Representative for Tchad

10 September, 2022

Hello HIFA Members; [*see note below]

Thank you for accepting me among you.

My name is Pitibaye Peter, I am from Chad.

I work in the field of the fight against malaria among children from 3 to 59 months. We organize every year the campaign of chemoprevention of seasonal malaria. It consists of administering three taking medication to children each month of the peak period; i.e. 4 months in the year from July to October.

I wish to be a member of HIFA because I adhere to the vision of preventing people from dying by making it easier for them to access information on health care.

For me, health is first and foremost preventive and to prevent you must have information so we minimize the time wasted when we are sick, the expenses and mortality.



National SPC Consultant

MPH Population and Health

Tel 0023566426161

HIFA profile: Peter Pitibaye is a Consultant in Chemical prevention of seasonal malaria, at the Ministry of Public Health, Tchad. He is a HIFA country representative for Tchad. ningahor.p AT

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Thank you for taking on the role of country representative for Tchad. We look forward to welcome many more members from your country]