Introduction: Amelia Taylor, Malawi - Natural Language Processing and health informatics

6 February, 2024

Hello all.

I recently became a member of the HIFA network. I am a lecturer in computer science (AI) at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences. My PhD research is in mathematical logic (foundations of programming languages, theorem provers) and I have had an interest in Natural Language Processing (NLP) since my undergraduate years.

After some years in industry, I came back to academia after relocating to Malawi and in 2015 I started to develop what were at the time the first AI modules in the country. It may sound strange to some, but at that time, the Malawi Polytechnic (the older name of the current Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences) was the first university in Malawi to introduce and teach dedicated AI modules.

So after a few years mainly focusing on teaching and developing course materials, I have now been involved in several NLP projects and recently in health informatics, including in public health via a project that leverages OHDSI / OMOP for data standardisation and analysis <>. In the last 2-3 years, I have set up a small research group

My interests and research areas cover NLP, information extraction, dataset development, synthetic data generation, and data standardisation and analysis.

I look forward to interacting and hopefully working on something interesting with people on this forum.

Kind regards


HIFA profile: Amelia Taylor is a Lecturer in AI at Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences. Interests: AI, NLP, Health Informatics, Data Visualisation. ataylor AT