HIP strategic plan - Strengthening Engagement of Faith Actors in Family Planning (2)

24 January, 2023

Good morning from Natitingou, Benin, West-Africa

We have developed and are implementing "Desired Motherhood" since 8 years. You can find information on this programm on the www.

Religious leaders - catholic and muslim - are against artificial contraceptive.

Instead they agree with our educational method, because it let's users free to concieve or not.

Schools often teach only knowledge. But knowledge does not transform automatically into practice. We put the main focus on teaching and training skills.

In Family Planning communication-skills (e.g. " a 'no' is a 'no' " or negotiating condom use) are paramount.

With FABM (Fertility Awareness Based Methods) the self-observation skill of correctly interpreting cercical mucus is the key.

For youngsters, programms like TeenSTAR and "Cyclus Show" have proven adapted. They offer aAn early introduction to respect each others body and life.

Best wishes Felix Küchler

-- Felix Küchler, MD, MSc Health Promotion (LSHTM)

phone number in Switzerland +41 79 752 41 10 (SMS please)


numéro de téléphone au Bénin: + 229 60 75 39 60


1984-1991 Primary Health Care, Chad and Benin: Training Village Health Workers

1993-1998 Course Coordinator, Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute, Basel

1999-2004 Co-Director at 'Health Promotion Switzerland'

since 2010 developing training program for natural fertility regulation in rural areas of The Gambia, Benin and Niger.


1980 Medical Doctor, Zurich, Switzerland

1987 Diploma 'Teaching Primary Health Care', Liverpool School Tropical Medicine

1993 MSc Health Promotion, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Felix A. Kuechler is a medical doctor and health promotion expert based in Switzerland. He is director of Desired Motherhood, which promotes natural fertility regulation.

www.maternitedesiree.org www.desiredmotherhood.org felix.kuechler AT maternitedesiree.org