HIFA support from European Association of Science Editors

13 March, 2024

Dear HIFA colleagues,

I wanted to introduce myself as the new HIFA contact person for the European Association of Science Editors. We have been an official HIFA supporting organisation since 21012. My details are shown below.

We have recently discussed our support of HIFA at a Council meeting and I am pleased to report that we have reiterated our official support for the Healthcare Information for All vision. https://ease.org.uk/publications/ease-statements-resources/.

We also published a short blog post about it in our news feed which is available to all our members and the general public visiting our website. https://ease.org.uk/2023/11/ease-continues-to-support-hifa-vision/

Many thanks Mary

Mary Hodgson – Secretary

E-mail: secretary@ease.org.uk

Web: www.ease.org.uk

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c/o EASE Secretary, The Brambles, Ryton Road, Dymock, Gloucestershire, GL18 2DG, UK