The future of global health is through diversity and dignity (#15 Global Health Matters podcast)

16 July, 2022




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Dear podcast fans,

The Global Health Matters podcast brings you another thought-provoking episode this month, a wholesome and profound dialogue that is in fact a master-class on how we can really change the future of global health through diversity and dignity by identifying our behaviour.

Our guests harmonize their knowledge on the subject matter. Marie Ba tells us that there are many instances where she has rolled her eyes in a meeting or read an email that she felt was condescending, and says that either the system or the people have removed morality or dignity from the equation, which she feels is important to keep.

Tom Wein emphasizes the subjective experience with the least power in any interaction, so if people feel like they have been treated with dignity, they have. On the other side, if they feel they have not been treated in a fair way – they haven’t.

Both guests come together to agree on the three pathways of dignified interaction, which include representation, agency and equality.

Our podcast guests are:

· Marie Ba, Director of the Ouagadougou Partnership Coordination Unit

· Tom Wein, Director of Dignity and Development, IDinsight, Kenya

Many thanks to the Global Health Matters podcast team.

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Global Health Matters podcast

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