EHS-COVID (497) What have we learned about policy development? (2)

7 December, 2021

Good day Neil

From my experience as part of the Zimbabwe National COVID-19 response team, I have noted that in a pandemic situation there is need to be flexible in coming up with and implementing policy. In my opinion, a very critical aspect that contributed to the ability to be dynamic and evaluate policies as the pandemic unfolded was the way the governance structures of the pandemic response were organised with clearly spelt of terms of reference. This allowed stakeholders to have timely input into policy. One other important aspect was the availability of daily data from the Surveillance Pillar in terms of the pandemic. Data elements were added to cater for different data needs. Analysis was timely and allowed for adjustment for policy. It was also quick to come up with policies as there was already a system that was in place to respond to other pandemics. Adopting already existing policies for the COVID 19 pandemic contributed to the quick response.


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