EHS-COVID (485) Q2 How have you responded to the challenges of COVID-19? (8) Digital health (6)

28 November, 2021

THET, ESTHER Alliance and ACHEST held a virtual conference on "Partnerships in the time of COVID". Learning points and key reflections can be found here.


Eunice Sinyemu, THET, noted that “the stigma associated with Covid-19 is far higher than that associated with HIV.”

'There exist exciting new developments in wider online opportunities with the launch of the WHO’s HLH which can support the maintenance of essential health services.#

'The Health Partnership community can provide the critical support that is required to maintain quality essential health services.'

'Health workers should be supported through their associations to learn to advocate to health leaders and politicians to dispel misinformation that can have adverse effects on health seeking behaviour.'

'In particular, we highlight the following:

1. Protect health workers both physically and psychologically.

2. Develop context specific approaches, then learn and adapt if necessary.

3. Maintain quality essential health services to ensure we have functioning health systems when the pandemic is finally under control.

4. Fight misinformation to support health workers safely deliver vital services.

5. Advocate for vaccine role out to ensure equity of access to Covid as well as to future vaccines.'

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator,