'Crisis demands a new style of leadership' - Q&A with Peru's former president, Francisco Sagasti

18 March, 2024

Hello everyone,

You may be interested in a two-part interview with Francisco Sagasti, Peru's former president, which we featured on WorldWise last week.

A surprise election in 2020 brought Sagasti face to face with the task of leading Peru through the Covid-19 pandemic at a politically turbulent moment. His presidency is widely credited with stabilising the country.

Much of Sagasti's career up to that point was spent outside politics—working on development issues, leading or advising on policy initiatives for various organisations including the UN and The World Bank.

In Part 1 of our conversation, he recounts the circumstances leading to the appointment and key decisions taken to jump-start Peru’s pandemic response. In Part 2, Sagasti outlines the key principles that lay behind those decisions, and calls for a new style of political leadership to ride out turbulence in the coming decades.

[Part 1: https://worldwise.substack.com/p/i-was-caught-off-guard-in-terms-of

Part 2: https://worldwise.substack.com/p/crisis-demands-a-new-style-of-leadership ]

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