Crafting Compelling Research Questions: A Simple Guide to Effective Formulation Strategies

6 February, 2024

Hello HIFA colleagues,

We are pleased to launch the HRP Statistics Portal video series that will be discussing statistical and data management considerations when planning a public health research study. The first video in this series focuses on key considerations when it comes to the formulation of research questions.

A well-formulated research question is an essential part of research study planning and protocol development. It defines the scope, purpose, and direction of the study, guiding the selection of appropriate methods and the interpretation of results. It furthermore ensures clarity, relevance, and feasibility, facilitating the production of valuable insights and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of public health.

Using one of the Human Reproduction Program (HRP) research studies, this short video with the link provided below illustrates these points:

To learn more about statistics and data management in the context of sexual and reproductive health research, or to access information about free webinars on statistics and data, please visit the HRP Statistics Portal.

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What is HRP?

HRP is the main instrument within the United Nations system for research in human reproduction and is based at the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. It supports and coordinates research on a global scale, synthesizes research through systematic reviews of literature, builds research capacity in low- and lower-middle-income countries, and develops dissemination tools to make efficient use of ever-increasing research information.

Watch the introductory video below describing the HRP end-to-end research process:

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What is the HRP Statistics Portal?

The HRP Statistics Portal is an online platform for accessing technical material and information regarding data management and statistical consideration topics, in addition to international standard guidelines for ethics, conducting, monitoring, and reporting of research. It was designed to assist junior researchers, project managers, research collaborators, and professional staff, particularly those directly involved in planning, conducting and overseeing research studies, to refresh their basic statistical and data management skills.

How do I access the HRP Statistics Portal?

The portal is available at the link below:

To request access, kindly send an e-mail to

We would be glad to receive your feedback regarding the topics available on the portal. Let us know what you would like to see added, or what concepts you feel require further elaboration.

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With thanks on behalf of the HRP Statistics Portal Working Group.

HIFA profile: Bancy Ngatia is a Research Assistant at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Her professional interests include quantitative and qualitative data analysis, data quality, increasing research impact, communication of research, implementation science, maternal and child health, mental health, scientific writing and publishing. Her current research is aimed at developing standardised guidance and tools for evaluating child growth, particularly for preterm and term infants. A biostatistician by training, she has worked with both observational and clinical trial data sets and collaborated with researchers in multiple projects and countries. She also possesses both project management and stakeholder engagement experience. bngatia.aku AT