Communicating health research (21) Academic journals (3) Miscommunication

7 September, 2022

Here is a cross-posting from EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICNE that brings forward a raft of relevant issues. [*see note below]

Great contribution Irina. [ ]

to reiterate another set of domains containing more sinister violations below:

Faked Beta-Amyloid Data. What Does It Mean?


One of the oldest (pharma) games in the book (Bait and Switch):

The serotonin theory of depression: a systematic umbrella review of the evidence: The main areas of serotonin research provide no consistent evidence of there being an association between serotonin and depression, and no support for the hypothesis that depression is caused by lowered serotonin activity or concentrations. (The difference between rat brain slice and human therapeutic effects.)

Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family, which owns it, have reached a new deal to settle lawsuits that accused them of fueling the opioid addiction epidemic with aggressive sales and marketing of OxyContin and other painkilling drugs:

Closing ranks around Doctors Debate Transvaginal Mesh Risks (Dr. Zipper’s invention):

And OOPS! The updated view of the NEJM after many publications:



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[*Note from NPW, moderator: Thanks David. I have chosen the term Miscommunication to introduce this new subthread, and hope that this covers the examples you give.]