Co-Constructing Our Future Global Health Compassion Rounds (2) Dr. Tedros Message for the 12th Global Health Compassion Rounds

31 December, 2022

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Dear colleagues and Friends

Throughout history compassion has been a driving force in improvements to health the desire to elevate suffering and improve the lives of our fellow humans. Three years ago I asked that we explored the role of compassion in global Health in terms of the quality and availability of health services the experience of patients and the welfare of health workers.

I'm delighted that since then the global Health compassion rounds has brought together a community of health professionals and Advocates from around the world to explore the links between compassion and quality of care, faith leadership, palliative care and more.

I look forward to learning about what actions we can take to foster and harness compassion to drive access to Quality Health Services and improved Health outcomes.

I thank the task force for Global health and my colleagues at WHO for your collaboration in this important project and I look forward to our continued partnership for a healthier, safer, fairer and more compassionate world. I thank you.


Dr Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator

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