Alcohol Use Disorders (41) A definition of Alcohol Use Disorders

11 February, 2024


I think the issue of alcohol use is a bit tricky when we consider the two sides of its use. We all have met people who are fun and good to be around after one bottle of beer yet still if taken out of limits alcohol use can end up being a culprit to relationships and health. So, the same drink can be a facilitator of social status and a detriment to it. How do we know the difference? The difference is addiction. [*see note below] The inability to stop using is associated with negative social and health consequences. Even if this difference may seem clear in theory it is a complicated experience for those suffering from such dependence.

HIFA profile: Abenezer Dereje is a medical doctor and general practitioner currently doing her MPH at NexGen U in substance use.

[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): I have used the words 'A definition of Alcohol Use Disorders' to start a subthread on this topic.]