Alcohol Use Disorders (134) Compilation of messages 1-133

9 March, 2024

Dear HIFA colleagues,

We now enter our 6th and final week of the deep-dive into Alcohol Use Disorders, where I invite you to reflect on what has been discussed so far (and what has not been discussed). In your view, what is the key learning in relation to the 5 questions we have explored:

1. Do people understand the health, socio-economic and environmental harms of alcohol? What matters to them? How can they be better informed? How to reduce stigma?

2. Do health workers have adequate knowledge to prevent and manage alcohol use disorders among their patients? What matters to them? How can they be better informed?

3. What is the role of the alcohol industry? What can be done to address misinformation from the alcohol industry?

4. Do public health professionals and policymakers have adequate knowledge to prevent and treat alcohol use disorders in their country? What are current national policies and what more can be done to fully implement those policies?

5. How can we define and measure alcohol use disorders?

To help with this, I have prepared a full compilation of our discussion so far (205 pages):

I shall now work on an edited version (selected text organised under subheadings for each of the 5 questions and for other topics) and will get this to you asap.

Many thanks, Neil

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