Alcohol Use Disorders (114) The role of the alcohol industry (19)

29 February, 2024

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If I may add to the reasons that governments do not regulate alcohol effectively ('the powerful lobby of the alcohol industry, the lack of knowledge of governments about the alcohol problem, the lack of knowledge and involvement of health professionals. health on the subject and corruption'),listed by Eduardo, it will be that governments see acohol industry as a major contributor to its Tax revenue. But as I pointed out in one of my earlier contributions to this discussion, governments are misguided in neglecting the fact that what they gain through taxation of alcohol, they lose by what it takes the health system to manage the poorer health of the population from alcohol misuse, accidents including road traffic accident and so on. Governments also lose the revenues from taxation to the criminal and Justice management costs of dealing with alcohol misusers. 'Penny-wise, pound foolish' describes Governments' attitude to the alcohol problem.

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