Tatjana Kobb

Northeastern University, USA

Tatjana Kobb teaches Global Health/Public Diplomacy/Sustainable Development at Northeastern University, China; Final paper tutor at McGill University International Master of Health Leadership; Founder of Boston Sustainability Advising and Mentorship4SDGs; Massachusetts Medical Society member, Founding & current Co-Chair of Global Women's Health working group at Women Graduates USA, affiliate organization of Graduate Women International https://graduatewomen.org Past Steering Committee member of Physicians for Social Responsibility founding chapter in Greater Boston & current speaker on Climate Change and Health https://gbpsr.org/speakers-bureau/tatjana-kobb/ Established the National Safe Motherhood Alliance during Every Women and Every Child campaign after working with UNHCR, UNICEF and WHO in the Balkans. Rotary International CADRE global grant evaluator. t.kobb AT northeastern.edu