Luther-King Fasehun

Wellbeing Foundation Africa

Luther-King Fasehun works as Technical & Policy Lead at The Wellbeing Foundation Africa, an NGO working through advocacy, stakeholder engagement, and health care facilitation, in the areas of maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH); ending domestic violence (EDV); social empowerment and life-skills rendering to women and girls; education; and peace-building. Luthjer-King graduated as a physician in Nigeria in 2008, and has worked in all spheres of the healthcare sector in Nigeria: public- & private-owned hospitals; as well as in primary-, secondary- and tertiary-level facilities. He has a Master’s degree in International Healthcare Management, Economics & Policy; and has briefly interned as a Research Assistant at the World Health Organization in Geneva. His interests are in primary healthcare delivery of MNCH options; family planning and contraceptive options for all ages of women, in all socio-economic classes; health systems development and strengthening; and health information communication, including social media usage. He is based in Abuja, Nigeria. luther.fasehun AT

Working group membership(s):
Mobile HIFA (mHIFA)