Quality (341) New WHO Quality Toolkit (2)

25 June, 2022

Dear Jules and all,

Thanks to you, Shams and colleagues for the webinar on Monday 20th June to launch the new WHO Quality Toolkit [ https://qualityhealthservices.who.int/quality-toolkit ] - a new interactive, online resource for anyone at any level of the health system interested in improving the quality of health services.

And thank you for your message on HIFA encouraging us all to familiarise ourselves with the toolkit. I have started to do this by reading the Supplemental Overview [ https://apps.who.int/iris/handle/10665/353566 ], and by starting to use the Search function to identify individual resources. I like the way that users are invted to filter by level of the health system and seven key functions.

I have submitted feedback at https://qualityhealthservices.who.int/quality-toolkit/feedback and encourage others to do the same.

Best wishes, Neil

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, Global Coordinator HIFA, www.hifa.org neil@hifa.org

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