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Monkeypox (2)

30 June, 2022

Yes, Professor, the double standards are awful.

Author Dipo Faloyin's new book, Africa is not a Country, exposes the roots of such double standards and invites Africans to drive change:


He will be speaking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival,here in Scotland, in August 2022, a great venue for spreading the word.

Many of the Scottish Zambian Diaspora are deeply insulted by the imagery surrounding the monkeypox outbreak in the UK.

Best wishes


Dr. Jo Vallis, Chair

FRIENDS OF CHITAMBO SCIO, Registered Charity No. SC044337

_Working Towards a Healthier Chitambo District_

Mobile telephone number: +44(0)7791262918

email: jo@friendsofchitambo.org.uk

Skype: jandrval24

web address: [1]www.friendsofchitambo.org.uk [1]

Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/friendsofchitambo/ [2]



[1] http://www.friendsofchitambo.org.uk

[2] https://www.facebook.com/friendsofchitambo/

HIFA profile: Jo Vallis is a Medical Sociologist with a general and paediatric nurse/nurse teaching background. She is Chair of Scottish registered charity, Friends of Chitambo SCIO, which supports health projects in Chitambo District, central Zambia: web address: www.friendsofchitambo.org.uk;

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/friendsofchitambo

She is Project Lead for a Scottish Government funded project on ‘Strengthening emergency care communications in Chitambo District, central Zambia’, now in its 3rd 2-year funding round.

Jo recently retired from her post as Research Officer within NHS Education for Scotland (NES), in order to continue the work with Chitambo in a voluntary capacity.

Email addresses: jo@friendsofchitambo.org.uk; jovallis@hotmail.com