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12 September, 2023

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The focus in this edition is the extreme heat that has been prevalent in Europe with temperatures in July 2023 marked one of the hottest summer months thus far. Referred to by many as a ‘heat dome’ — or a phenomenon that occurs when the atmosphere traps hot ocean air like a lid — this most recent heatwave left parts of Greece, eastern Spain, Sardinia, Sicily and southern Italy with temperatures well above 45°C. Not only did these temperatures break records, but they also put lives at-risk.

As such, this month’s newsletter contains recommendations from the National Health Service (NHS) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), including steps you can take to protect yourself from extreme heat, as well as several relevant Evidence Aid summaries about the impact of rising temperatures, heatwaves, diseases, and their relationship to the climate crisis. We also briefly point your attention to an upcoming webinar on 21 September 2023 in partnership with Evidence Synthesis Ireland.

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