Diagnostic approaches to severe pneumonia in Intensive Care Units: D-PRISM study launched (2)

14 September, 2022

Severe Pneumonia is a classification of Acute Respiratory Infection, where there is Fast Breathing, and Chest Retractions. There may be additional (danger) clinical signs, which the HCW at the PHC level cannot determine with accuracy, and/ or interpret. Associated illnesses (diagnoses) may include Anaemic Heart Failure, Lobar Pneumonia, Pleural Effusion, or other complications of Heart or Chest disease. This approach was developed to assist minimally schooled and/ or trained Health Care Workers (HCWs) at the Primary Health Care level to recognise serious illness, particularly in children, administer emergency (pre-referral) care and refer the patient to an appropriate level of care.

We need to restrict this term to PHC settings, so that clinicians at the higher levels of care are encouraged to identify the specific (clinical) disease, and offer appropriate care at Secondary, Tertiary, or indeed higher levels of care! Thank you

Dr Oriokot Francis

Senior Consultant/ Paediatrics

"Lord if your people still need me, I do not refuse to work. Your will be done."

HIFA profile: Oriokot Francis is a Consultant in Paediatrics, Ministry of Health, Uganda. Professional interests: Paediatrics, Community Health, Global Health and Human Rights. Email address: foriokot AT yahoo.co.uk