Climate Change & Heat and Impact on Health

27 July, 2022

Dear HIFA members,

This summer, too, we are experiencing more heat waves worldwide. Due to climate change, these are increasing in frequency, duration, and magnitude. Experts predict that heat waves will increase even more in the coming years. In 2022 alone, regions in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have reached temperatures of over 40° Celsius.

Prolonged heat can have a major impact on health, particularly affecting children, the elderly, and people with chronic diseases. Populations in both urban and rural areas are at risk from heat, and certain populations are better or worse able to adapt to extreme heat because of their geographic location. In general, however, the response to heat is dependent on an individual's ability to adapt, and severe consequences can suddenly occur, making heat waves one of the most dangerous natural hazards.

The intent of this Issue Brief is to raise awareness about heat waves as a result of climate change and its impact on health. More information on the topic of climate change and planetary health you can find in our Planetary Health Toolbox

The Issue Brief you can download here:*5EB11C105ACCC/x-medbox-issue-brief-annua...

Kind regards,

Sieglinde Mauder

MEDBOX-The Aid Library

HIFA profile: Sieglinde Mauder is Librarian at the Medical Mission Institute, Würzburg, Germany. She collects and distributes resources on HIV/AIDS, tropical diseases, humanitarian aid, health service management, e-learning for partners in developing countries. sieglinde.mauder AT